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Some people are drawn to the craft of hairdressing early on but their journey takes them in other directions before getting them where they need to be. Marissa first established herself as a makeup artist, attending beauty school at Paul Mitchell and moving back to Sacramento from southern California.  Luckily the timing was right for Marissa to join us at Deeda. Color has always been a favorite of hers. Since her first Lip Smackers at the age of 5 she has loved beauty.  She loves to play with color in hair and makeup. She loves the challenge of it, thinking outside of the box and the reward of the results. The work drives her but even more than that the connections she makes with people that start as clients and turn into great friends.

Marissa draws her inspiration the beautiful souls of beautiful people. She loves hearing their stories, feeling their vibe and bringing their style to life. She approaches her personal style the same way by finding out how she feels and creating looks based on feeling. Marissa is into 70s Rock and Roll at the moment, pairing a band shirt with hair that takes styling in order to look unkempt and cool. Her hair hero is her daughter who has the craziest curly hair and rocks it effortlessly and tolerates the torture of a brush when needed like a saint.

Marissa has worked on fashion shoots when living in LA, the “It’s not you, it’s men” series, makeup for Basketball Wives season 3 and 4 with Jackie Christie as well as working with Cassie Ventura. Outside of Deeda Marissa enjoys vintage hunting, teaching and taking Vinyasa Yoga.