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Leah decided to follow her heart and pursue her passion for hair four years ago though she was no stranger to styling. She was always the chosen one to blow out or style her family members’ hair growing up. Leah loves all aspects of her job which she refers to as “a career of love.”

She has a background in Tigi cutting and Kevin Murphy styling. Not unlike most hairdressers, Sassoon is one of her biggest hair icons, changing the world with the idea of “wash and wear” which has come back into fashion recently with the notion that we all need to simplify our routines and do less to our hair. Leah finds inspiration in nature, from color to scent to shape, one can take so much in to use creatively later. There’s not one specific era that she is attracted to more than another, but she likes to pull inspiration from multiple sources to suit the individual and make the look current. The Olsen twins are a perfect example of her eclectic taste in that at times they appear very sophisticated and at others, very bohemian.

Wedding hair is one of Leah’s strong suits. She loves being part of her clients’ big day and making them feel like a million bucks. Leah has worked with Sacramento Fashion Week and looks forward to more community collaborations. Outside of these walls Leah enjoys spending time with family, riding her bike and making her way down to Disneyland.