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The first thing you notice when you see June is that she is fiercely on trend. She wears her art whether that is through hair, makeup or fashion. It’s no wonder she is inspired by the 90s right now with all of the blunt cuts and undercuts in hair, overalls and frosty or brick brown lips in fashion and makeup. Her hair heroes are Rachel Maureen and Daniel Moon. June’s style icon is Nicole Richie for her free spirit and funny, silly personality (much like her own).

June has always been an artist. Drawing in a photorealistic/surrealist style and sculpting (realist style) are near and dear to her heart. She appreciates and loves drawing extremely detailed art such as Victorian trims and ornaments. June’s favorite photographer is Francesca Woodman and her favorite painter can be found on Instagram under the handle: @lolagil. Some other sources of inspiration are gothic fiction, and Alice and Wonderland style – June loves all things moody and whimsical.

She got her start in body painting, then went to beauty school and worked in cosmetics. She loves creating transformations both big and small, making something that you can see when you thought there was nothing there. She specializes in hair painting and makeup artistry. June has worked with local photographers and on the TV show Smosh. In her free time, June likes to support her craft by continuing to sculpt and draw. Of course it is important to foster her inner child as well playing with her kids, making masks and eating candy!