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Diana got her start in the beauty industry with makeup companies Laura Mercier and Christian Dior. She has a penchant for color without a doubt, hair painting and creating dimension and sheen in the hair. Lately, she has been inspired by reds and brightening and lightening the hair for the season.

Diana believes in both a creative vision and an expressive vision that works for clients. Each can be pretty in its own way. She loves being able to transform someone and see their reaction. For a client that has tried a look and never been successful, Diana strives to give her client a way to achieve it. She grew up braiding her older cousins’ hair and attempting haircuts on her dolls and brother alike.

Her style icon is Audrey Hepburn for her big brows and her look which are both pretty and simple. The perfect look to Diana is a bold red lip, soft waves and a smooth finish to the hair. To Diana, taking the time to do your hair is like getting dressed up and ready to take on the world. When she is not in the salon, you can find Diana spending time with her dog Pickles and her kitty Dolo.