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Originally from Atwater, Ca. Denise has quickly become a great addition to the Deeda Front Desk team. She goes to Sac State and previously worked in customer service at a company that designs headstones! That being said, she is a great gal with a sense of humor and of fashion. Denise’s style icon is Selena for her stage costumes as well as her cool casual wear. She’s very much a child of the 90s and is attracted to the gems of the era such as the stripes, plaid, overalls, crop tops and grunge and goth looks. Dark lips + bobs and space buns are her favorites. Music and pop culture are some of her greatest sources if inspiration as well as her Mexican and Panamanian heritage. Denise’s hair hero is LORDE. When she was a teenager through her 20s, Denise used to straighten her hair every day. When Lorde arrived on the scene sporting her natural curl loud and proud, Denise started to embrace her own curls and now it’s much healthier and longer. Outside of Deeda, Denise loves to bake and cook, trying new recipes and flavor combinations. When you see Denise in the salon say hello!