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Photo by @shopgoldfeather (IG)

Ceara, our little pixie, is small but strong. She manages the salon and creates much of the photography work for the salon always looking to elevate our imagery. Working here has evolved her outlook on hair and fashion as she is always trying something new with her look and using her inspiration to refine her photography work. Being able to put her specialty to use at work is an added bonus. She gains inspiration from nature and the geometric shapes there within. In her work light speaks to her just as people and the ever changing human element influences fashion.

The influences of the 60s and 80s have had the biggest effect on Ceara. The drastic changes in fashion from the early 60s to the late 60s were profound. In the same regard, the 80s was another place in time where the mainstream fashion culture and the counter culture were totally at odds but the hair was big, the music was amazing and everything was just… cool.

Her two fashion icons are Hayley Williams and Debbie Harry – women with powerful looks and vibes.

Ceara has worked on fashion shoots, promo shoots for musicians, music festivals and magazines. She loves working with people to create something special. Outside of Deeda her hobbies include taking photos, graphic design, hiking, and going to shows. She loves to travel and hopes to travel to Europe soon.