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“I feel lucky to be a hairdresser and part of Deeda – I work my ass off to make it great.”

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Angelina has a passion for hairdressing and hairdressers. She began her hair career in Sacramento where she was trained in Sassoon and Bumble and Bumble techniques. While she values the classical technique of Sassoon, she had a real connection with the Bumble approach. “Using your eye for detail to make a person look prettier, to make a difference, to embrace natural texture and to define the individual. That is what hairdressing is about for me.”

Angelina gets her inspiration from the everyday girl and boy, “hair that looks like it belongs to them.”

As an Owner, Angelina thrives on helping people reach their dreams. Through constant education, she believes you become the best. “When hairdressers continue to work at becoming better, thinking about what they do on a higher level, developing an eye, and being fulfilled creatively, they become prize fighters. They gain freedom to take their career wherever they want.”

Deeda has become a platform to design and create. Angelina has her own dream of developing the Deeda brand. The space on 34th street has acted like her muse. With amazing partnerships with local photographers, script writers, graphic designers, artists, videographers, welders, contractors and the hairdressers in her shop. Angelina is proud of her short film collection, seasonal photo campaigns and the overall esthetic of the shop.